Aliga Purchases Duplaco’s Microalgae Production Facility


Duplaco B.V. defaulted in June 2022 leaving one of Europe’s most modern microalgae production facilities behind.

On the 12th of August, Danish food-tech company Aliga Microalgae purchased Duplaco’s microalgae production facility in the Netherlands in order to increase their production capacity of Chlorella algae products for the food ingredient and dietary supplement markets.

Duplaco B.V. had defaulted in June 2022 leaving one of Europe’s most modern microalgae production facilities behind. This facility includes IP and customer stock, and will be used for cultivating, producing, and commercializing algae ingredients.

Aliga has developed a Chlorella strain that is free of chlorophyll, which enables the production of an ingredient containing the nutritional superfood properties of Chlorella, but with a white color and neutral flavor. This ingredient enables food and beverage producers to apply protein-rich algae in formulations that were inaccessible to previous generations of Chlorella, such as savory, bakery, confectionery, and dairy. It also enables the development of new meat and seafood analog products where the high protein content and unique functionalities of Chlorella ingredients can be applied.   

The purchase is a part of Aliga’s scaling strategy to increase the company’s production capacity and secure the supply-chain. The expansion will allow the company to meet the growing demands from manufacturers of vegan-, plant- based-, and analog food products globally.

Additionally, the purchase is set to strengthen Aliga’s position as one of the leading producers of high-quality Chlorella products for the European dietary supplement markets. The company is the only industrial producer in Scandinavia.

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