Bloom’s Home-grown Spirulina

  Algae Europe December 2022

C​​​​​an growing spirulina at home be as easy as making coffee? A bio-designer and superfood fanatic has spent three years working on a smarter approach to home made nutrition. His work has resulted in the ability to harvest spirulina fresh from the kitchen countertop. In this new approach, say the developers, there’s no swampy taste, and it generates 70% fewer emissions than commercially grown spirulina.

Besides spreading the word about spirulina, the developers wanted to create a living product which makes “stressful growing experiences a thing of the past.” The resulting product allows Bloom users to upgrade their health routine with full servings of spirulina in its purest form, all from a beautiful kitchen counter appliance. Just add water, a nutrient tablet, and some living spirulina and Bloom will work its magic for the next five days.

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