Brilliant Planet’s Gigaton CO₂ Plan

  Algae Europe December 2022

S​​ince 2013, Brilliant Planet has grown from a three-square-meter experiment on the shores of St Helena, South Africa, to a thirty thousand square meter production facility, with the world’s largest algae growth pond in the coastal desert of Morocco.

Backed by UK Research and Innovation — the body that allocates government funds for research — Brilliant Planet’s purpose is to unlock the power of algae as an affordable method of permanently and quantifiably sequestering carbon at the gigaton scale.

The company’s innovative process enables vast quantities of microalgae to grow in open-air pond-based systems on coastal desert land. This is achieved without using fresh water, by harnessing a natural process that contributes to the health of oceans and air, without using precious fresh water or farming land.

Brilliant Planet’s nature-based system scales down the ocean to use natural seawater, nutrients, and CO₂. This process deacidifies seawater, enhancing local ecosystems and enables paradigm-shifting levels of affordability.

Following eight years of pioneering R&D and three years of pilot operations the company is now developing a scalable production platform that can be deployed worldwide.

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