Chlamydomonas: Laboratory Powerhouse

  Algae Europe December 2022

A​aron Alcala, a Ph.D. candidate in genetics at University of Georgia (UGA), won Arcadia Science’s first SciComm Hackathon with “One Cell to Rule Them All: Chlamydomonas,” a video that explains how studying a type of green algae has led to landmark discoveries that shed light on human health.

Chlamydomonas is a single-celled alga that has revolutionized our understanding of cell biology. Studying its surprising similarities to mammalian cells have led to landmark discoveries. But its weird differences are also what make it such a laboratory powerhouse. This video discusses the reasons why “Chlamy” is an amazing model to study fundamental cell biology.

Mr. Alcala’s research has led to exploring how genes are regulated to build body parts during embryonic development, and how changes during this process can lead to the evolution of novel forms and structures.

This video is written, produced, and narrated by Aaron Alcala

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