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  Algae Europe December 2022

B​eginning next week will begin the video series Spirulina Voices, hosted by long-time Spirulina expert Robert Henrikson. Spirulina Voices will feature conversations with producers, pioneers, and personalities about current projects, breakthrough innovations, and the role Spirulina will be playing in our future. Interviews will include industry leaders Amha Belay, Jiamjit Boonsom, John Benemann, Dale Solomon, and Ira Levine.

Of all the microscopic algae, Spirulina is the most popular and the most widely produced — and has been for over 40 years. Millions of health-conscious people around the world enjoy this powerful food packed with 60% digestible protein, unusual phytonutrients, antioxidants and bioactive compounds with proven health benefits. Spirulina is sold in powder, tablets, and capsules as a food supplement and is a potent ingredient in nutraceuticals and innovative snacks, foods, and beverages. Many local microfarmers offer fresh and frozen products to their customers direct from the farm. The blue pigment in spirulina — phycocyanin — is now a desirable natural blue food color.

Microalgae efficiently convert sunlight, water, and CO₂ into the food, feed, and biomaterials we need for an abundant future. Spirulina is first among the dozen microalgae now being commercialized – produced by more than 1000 large and small microfarms across the planet.

Robert Henrikson advises entrepreneurs, companies, investment and law firms in microalgae production and marketing, business plans and strategies. A pioneer in algae production and marketing, he was a founder of Earthrise Farms, world’s largest spirulina algae farm. For 20 years as President of Earthrise Company, he promoted Earthrise® Spirulina and green superfoods in 30 countries. Robert has visited algae farms and companies all over the world. He presents at conferences, writes for industry media and has produced over 40 educational videos. Robert was voted Algae Ambassador in Algae Industry Magazine’s 2015 International Readers Poll.

Here’s a preview of Spirulina Voices… (next week: Dr. Amha Belay)

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