IFF Launches SEAFLOUR in the U.S.

SEAFLOUR red seaweed

IFF’s red algae-based SEAFLOUR is a newly introduced ingredient for plant-based beverage applications such as nut- and soy-based milks.

International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF) has announced the U.S. launch of SEAFLOUR™, a nutrient-dense hydrocolloid sourced from non-GMO red seaweed. SEAFLOUR™ is a natural stabilizer for use by brands addressing the growing consumer demand for clean label products.

SEAFLOUR, also known as “seaweed flour” or “natural seaweed,” contains protein, fiber and minerals, and offers stability, a high-suspension ability, and excellent mouthfeel. These qualities make it a good fit for plant-based beverage applications such as nut- and soy-based milks. SEAFLOUR is also non-allergenic, kosher and halal certified.

“SEAFLOUR has a unique synergy with plant proteins, keeping plant-based beverages stable and appealing, and providing smooth, creamy texture and mouthfeel throughout their shelf lives,” said Michael Cammarata, senior beverage technologist in IFF’s Nourish division.

“This eliminates the need for additional stabilizers. With this single ingredient, manufacturers have the potential to reduce fat and sugar levels in their products without compromising texture or mouthfeel,” he said.

Derived from red seaweed, SEAFLOUR is traceable from sea to shelf. The seaweed is cultivated along the coast of Indonesia without the use of fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. After harvesting, the seaweed is washed, dried, and milled with minimal processing. This technique preserves the natural fiber, protein, and mineral content.

SEAFLOUR raw material sourcing supports the local farming community and is in process to be incorporated into IFF’s Responsible Seaweed Program, a holistic approach to social, environmental and economic improvements in seaweed processing.

This initiative also aligns with IFF’s recently launched 2030 “Do More Good Plan,” an environmental, social and governance roadmap comprised of ambitious targets, including the commitment to accelerate responsible-sourcing practices for seaweed and other strategic raw material supply chains.

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