Meet Israel’s BarAlgae


Founded in 2018, the BarAlgae vision is becoming a leading company in the global algae market. Through a combination of high-tech, cost-effective processes & biological expertise, they intend to introduce novel species of premium grade microalgae to multiple markets.

Led by marine-biologists and engineering experts, BarAlgae has created a fully automated, remote command and control system that operates year-round with reproducible production of biomass to assure consistent supply. Their modular design enables them to simultaneously cultivate several algae species alongside specific nutritional enrichments.

Today, BarAlgae’s photo-bioreactors can support the production of 30 MT of dry biomass annually, with a potential upscale of up to 60 MT. Additional microalgae cultivation protocols are being developed for their products, which come in a variety of forms including extracts & crude biomass for aquaculture, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, foods, and pet-food applications.

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