Modern Spirulina Farming Technology

  Algae Europe December 2022

Noal Farm presents this meditation on modern spirulina farming technology – cultivating and harvesting in a greenhouse. The beautiful filmmaking is courtesy of A4F – Algae for Future.

You are already no doubt familiar with this blue-green microalgae that grows both in fresh as well as salt water. Like plants, spirulina produces energy from sunlight through photosynthesis. It grows and thrives in warm water alkaline ponds and rivers.

Spirulina is a masterful producer of protein, one of the most important components in a diet. Spirulina contains 40 to 80% protein content, and its growth rate is very high.

The protein in spirulina is grown commercially in large-scale culture systems for human as well as animal consumption. For human nutrition, it is cultivated in clean waters and under controlled conditions while for animal feed it is also grown in wastewaters. In commercial aquaculture, such as for fish, prawns, and livestock, spirulina either in wet or dried form is used as a complementary dietary ingredient.

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