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Registration Now Open for 2021 Algae Biomass Summit

ABS logoThe 15th annual Algae Biomass Summit kicks off with a main stage 3-day conference, followed by value-added technical and breakout programming, and finishes up with working group meetings to review annual activity and accelerate progress on key initiatives. The virtual event runs September 28-October 27, 2021.
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Research Center Developing Edible Seaweed Film for Food Packaging

Jesmi Debbarma, a scientist at the Fish Processing Division of the Research Centre of Central Institute of Fisheries Technology, said that seaweed-based functional and edible film had good sealing, acts as an antioxidant when ingested, and possesses excellent physical and mechanical properties. These qualities, she said, made edible and functional seaweed-based film ideal for use as a novel packaging material in the food industry.
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Red Algae Component Potential Preventative Agent in COVID-19

ICF logoIota-carrageenan (IC) is a sulphated polysaccharide compound found in species of red algae which has been found to possess anti-viral activity against the common cold in both adults and children. The compound appears to interact with the surface of viral particles, trapping them and hence preventing invasion of cells. A team from the Instituto de Ciencia, Argentina wondered if targeted treatment with IC in the form of a nasal spray, might block entry of COVID-19 and hence prevent viral replication because the primary site of infection with a virus is the nasal mucosa.
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Back of the Yards Algae’s Colorful Potential

Back of the Yards logoIn 2018, Leonard Lerer founded Chicago-based Back of the Yards Algae Sciences in order to scale up the company’s process that extracts blue from spirulina. The venture is paying off in terms of natural food coloring. Mr. Lerer is planning a spin-off company this year that will be one of the world’s three largest producers of spirulina-based coloring.
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Methane-busting Seaweed Moves Toward Commercial Release

FutureFeed logoThe asparagopsis seaweed-based feed ingredient that significantly reduces methane emissions in livestock is progressing towards commercialization with a large, double-phase, feedlot demonstration. FutureFeed, the company driving commercialization of asparagopsis seaweed additives, has confirmed that the double study has already begun at an undisclosed feedlot site.
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  • November 27, 2023: Australia’s first high-level organization to serve the commercial seaweed industry officially launched in Canberra on November 16, 2023. The Australian Sustainable Seaweed Alliance (ASSA) represents ten corporate members across six states and was launched to advance environmentally responsible farming and production, strategic research and development, and scientific and biotech-related commercialization. READ MORE...
  • November 20, 2023: A research team from IIT Gandhinagar, a leading technical institution in India, has found that beads made from a combination of sea algae, salt, and nanoparticles can be used to remove dyes from wastewater pollution created in the dye and chemical industries. READ MORE...
  • November 17, 2023: Isis Central Sugar Mill, 300km north of Brisbane, Australia, will soon be home to ponds growing algae fed by the mill’s wastewater. The mill will harvest the carbon dioxide created when they burn fiber left over from crushing cane to make electricity and use the nutrients in the wastewater to feed the algae, which is intended for food and fuel. READ MORE...

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