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Alaska Fisheries Group Aims to Expand Mariculture in Alaska

Representatives from the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation visited Unalaska last week as part of its push to expand the state’s mariculture industry. Gov. Bill Walker created the Alaska Mariculture Task Force in 2016. The state’s mariculture industry was valued at approximately $1 million in 2018. Since then, the organization has been focused on developing the state’s mariculture industry to meet its long-term goal of $100 million by 2038. “You have lots of water, so you have lots of space,” says Julie Decker, executive director of the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation. “Relatively little population, which means relatively little conflict. These are some pretty significant assets.”
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AstaReal’s NOVASTA® Natural Astaxanthin for Animal Health

AstaReal, a global pioneer in natural astaxanthin cultivation and related research, is launching its astaxanthin brand NOVASTA® for antioxidant-rich pet food and feed supplements in the European market. The new supplement is claimed to support mobility, endurance and muscle health, as well as attentiveness, weight management and eye health in pets. In 6-week studies, the addition of astaxanthin formulations to dogs’ diets has been shown to increase antioxidant activity and liver function as a result of improved lipid metabolism and enhance shininess and overall quality of dog fur.
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Friend of the Sea Certifies Seaweed Producer seaExpert

Global certification standard Friend of the Sea has certified Feteira, Ilha Do Faial, Portugal-based seaExpert for sustainable seaweed production. Established in 2003 in the Azores archipelago, a Portuguese archipelago located in the North Atlantic Ocean, seaExpert deploys divers to manually harvest seaweed. SeaExpert harvests nine different species of algae, which are dried in green houses and solar dryers. Its clients include makers of cosmetics, supplements, and livestock feed. Milan, Italy-based Friend of the Sea certifies the sustainability of wild and farmed seafood. For seaweed, it certifies harvesting and farming companies that respect standards it sets on water quality, social conditions, and product traceability, among other qualifications.
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Currach’s Latest Whiskey is Finished in a Seaweed Charred Cask

The new Currach Irish Single Malt, according to those behind it, is triple distilled from 100% Irish malted barley before first being aged in first fill, ex-bourbon casks. It is then finished in “seaweed charred virgin oak casks.” The objective was to create the perfect union of Irish land and sea in a whiskey that celebrates the best of Irish Terroir. The whisky is non-chill filtered, with no caramel coloring, and is bottled at 92 proof. The initial batch is limited to only 3,000 bottles. The seaweed used for this bottling is Kombu Kelp that is sustainably hand harvested off the wild Atlantic coast of County Clare by a fourth-generation seaweed harvesting family. It is 100% naturally grown and organically certified.”
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Humboldt State University Expands Seaweed Research Farm

California’s Humboldt State University is expanding and diversifying its seaweed research farm in Humboldt Bay to include bull kelp this summer. With the help of HSU students, researchers aim to inform future decisions about commercial aquaculture and conservation efforts. Researchers will add 0.33 acres to its existing seaweed farm and create a kelp hatchery onshore at the Humboldt State Marine Lab. The farm, called HSU-ProvidenSea, sits in a permitted area just a few hundred yards off the shores of Humboldt Bay. Students will gain practical ocean farming experience, monitor the reproduction and growth of the bull kelp, track factors like water quality and temperature, and evaluate the cost of seeding and production.
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  • March 23, 2023: Provectus Algae has announced that Steven F. Schnittger has joined the company as a cosmetics industry advisor. Mr. Schnittger is the former Vice-President of Global Fermentation and Microbiology R&D at The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. and served over 37 years there. Read More…
  • March 21, 2023: Testa Omega-3 has launched its Vrill Omega™ supplement, an innovative plant-based and vegan alternative to krill oil. It represents a new class of highly bioavailable omega-3 supplements offering both essential polyunsaturated fatty acids (DHA and EPA), as well as the potent antioxidant astaxanthin, in a formulation that is rich in easily-absorbed polar lipids – phospholipids and glycolipids — derived from microalgae and plants. Read More…
  • March 16, 2023: Biotech company MiAlgae has formed a partnership with Scottish whisky distillery Falkirk Distillery to process their whisky byproducts at its facility in Balfron, Stirlingshire, and use them as a feedstock to grow microalgae. The organisms will then be transformed into omega-3 rich ingredients for use in animal and pet nutrition. Read More…
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