Phycom Receives €9m Investment to Accelerate Growth

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Phycom’s distinctive technology for large-scale microalgae cultivation.

Veenendaal, Netherlands-based Phycom has announced an investment of over 9 million Euros from key partners. This financing round, the company states, will secure their microalgae cultivation with constant, top-tier quality on an industrial scale.

All parties involved in this investment endorse Phycom’s distinctive technology for large-scale microalgae cultivation and advocate its systems’ cost-effectiveness and sustainability principle. Agreeing that microalgae can potentially play a crucial role in our food systems, all the investors support Phycom’s vision for providing this sustainable protein alternative. 

The Phycom team spent the past four years building two production facilities in Veenendaal, proving the technology and scalability of microalgae production. This investment paves the way for building the Phycom team at all levels of the organization.

Strategic partner and President of Corbion Algae Ingredients, Ruud Peerbooms, said, “Phycom’s shown capabilities offer great potential, and we believe combining complementary strengths through this collaborative partnership will help us continue to redefine what’s possible through algae-based technologies.”

“Through this investment, Phase2 has taken a step to strengthen our portfolio in the food transition,” added Boudewijn Poelmann,’s founder. “Microalgae will be a key ingredient in the foods of the future and will contribute to a more sustainable world.”

Apart from new investors, this round also drew renewed support from all existing shareholders.

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