Seagriculture Conference EU 2022 Returns to Live


Ferdi Knoester and Okke Meijer from Kelp Blue will discuss growing and managing large-scale Giant Kelp forests. Photo: Kelp Blue

T​​he Seagriculture Conference EU 2022 returns to a live event format June 29-30, in Bremerhaven, Germany at the ATLANTIC Hotel Sail City Bremerhaven. The gathering will bring together top speakers in the macroalgae world to share their know-how of seaweed for feed, food, offshore cultivation, biorefinery of seaweed and more.

Among the many presentations, Steven Hermans will present how his project Phyconomy helps to break down silos and increase investment by tracking the flow of information related to the seaweed economy. Phyconomy helps fill the information gap for the seaweed industry and makes it easier for those new to the industry to find the information they need for making good choices.

DLG Germany June 2022

Ferdi Knoester and Okke Meijer from Kelp Blue — where they grow and manage large-scale Giant Kelp forests — will discuss how underwater forests safely lock away vast amounts of CO₂ in the ocean forever and help sustain healthy marine ecosystems. Ferdi Knoester and Okke Meijer set up a workforce development plan to train local people in seaweed professions and to create local careers and jobs. They will also describe how they engage communities to increase ocean awareness and inspire people to pursue nature-based solutions.

Other topic highlights will include:

  • Seaweed cultivation: from napkin sketch to global industrialization
  • From small scale to large scale kelp farming
  • Seaweeds and climate change/ecosystem services/social aspects
  • Reducing methane emissions from cows, using seaweed
  • Digitalization and remote monitoring for scaling seaweed farming in a safe and sustainable way
  • New approaches to urban macroalgal cultivation
  • Sustainable packaging solutions from land-based seaweed cultivation

Seagriculture EU Conference 2022 will also feature a competition for the title of Most Innovative Invention. The jury will select three nominees to award Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals. Click here for more information on the awards.

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