Spirulina Voices: Katie Kohlstedt of Spirulina Viva

Seagriculture USA 2024

Robert Henrikson reports from Mexico with an interview of Katie Kohlstedt, who founded Spirulina Viva in 2010 near San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The operation has doubled in size since Robert last visited in 2015.

Spirulina Viva has become a leader in algae cultivation, inspiring spirulina micro-farmers in Mexico and Central America for the past decade. Their products are now distributed all over Mexico, direct to customers, retail stores, restaurants, and juice bars. Some of their food products are in the form of fresh frozen spirulina squares, which are popular as an every-day mix for drinks. The company also markets snack cookies, spirulina super-hero juices and probiotic drinks, as well as freeze-dried Astro bars made from just spirulina and mango.

In this interview Ms. Kohlstedt tells the story of Spirulina Viva’s origin, growth, and path to success in the spirulina industry.

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Seagriculture USA 2024
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