Zoë Breed’s Bioluminescent Algae Living Light Show

In the latest designboom.com, artist Zoë Breed unveils Algae Alight, an exploration into the potential of bioluminescent algae as a dynamic living medium. The project introduces a Living Light Interface, translating digital input into the biological realm, using the dinoflagellates Pyrocystis fusiformis.

Within this setup, causing no harm to any organisms, the inherent light-producing abilities of the algae combine with programmed vibrational patterns to create a mesmerizing living light show within a liquid culture.

The artist says that Algae Alight is the first algae imaging system that offers real-time interaction with living microalgae, providing a unique and challenging experience of observing microorganisms without the aid of visual tools like microscopes. The installation’s algorithms are tuned to allow the algae time to rest and recharge, preventing overstimulation. This consideration ensures a more sustainable and ethical approach to integrating living entities into design.

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